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Международная конференция The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the changed world

Evolutionary processes in economics: MODELING OF MACROGENERATIONS DYNAMICS


A scientific paradigm of irreversible changes in the natural sciences has opened new prospects in economic researches.

The modern school of evolutionism offers a wide variety of economic development models. However the evolutionary approach, rather successfully applied on the theory of company and innovation, has not received adequate development in the analysis of macroeconomic processes.

So the objective of the study is modeling of the macroeconomic growth as the evolutionary process. To solve this problem the hypotheses of the macrogenerations model have been formulated based on the evolutionary theory and the log-normal function has been selected as a model of macrogeneration. In order to increase the adaptive properties of the model the additional parameters have been introduced into the function.

Based on the dynamics of GDP of the EU a series of calculations with different macrogenerations parameters has been made. Experiments have confirmed the theoretical assumptions about the moments of their appearance and dynamics. It was shown that the duration of macrogenerations is being reduced with technological progress.

These results correspond with the theoretical assumptions and are suitable for further analysis of evolutionary processes in the economy.

Economic Growth, Evolutionary Theory, Macrogeneration Model.

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